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Metalheads Against ManOwaR

The Foundation for raising awareness of ManOwaR addiction and its effects on individuals, families, and communities.

The truth of ManOwaR addiction

See how smoking just one ManOwaR CD can change a person

ManOwaR ruins families

On this site you will find a record of the destruction ManOwaR addiction has wrought, from those strong enough to have overcome the addiction.

These great people have fought valiantly to recover their humanity, and we wish them all the best and offer our full support for the future.
How we can help

We provide therapy for ManOwaR fans, and if therapy doesn't work, we can abort you. Please come see us if you need our help.

The Karaoke Tent
Camping C
Wacken Open Air 2018

Robert's story

Hear the heart wrenching tale of how ManOwaR addiction caused Robert and his family to go through hell. Now he campaigns to rid the world of the fuzzy underoo scourge.

His courage is a lesson to us all.

It only takes one joint of ManOwaR

This Swedish man, Sven, was under the influence of ManOwaR when he actively sought to cause misery to hundreds, if not thousands of people.

This is his tragic tale. 

ManOwaR destroy families

ManOwaR were responsible for killing this man's parents when he was just a child. This makes them just as bad as that guy who killed Batman's parents outside the theatre.

That's very bad indeed.

This is a German man

In this video, the German man speaks German.

A good point well made

We couldn't have put this message more eloquently if we had tried. Take note, ManOwaR fans, and all who would be Warriors of the World.

This lady tells us why she hates ManOwaR

As with others, this lady was worried of reprisals from ManOwaR and their fans, so we have hidden her face that they cannot target her.

Hilda goes on to explain exactly why ManOwaR must be stopped from continuing their third fare-well tour crusade.

Contact us to get help

With our assistance, you too, can be a True Survivor

Get in touch

We are always available for you, please let us know if you are affected by ManOwaR addiction so we can help.

You can also use our Live Chat service where our counselors are sometimes available to speak with. No set hours available.
It's just a joke, guys!

Dear ManOwaR and ManOwaR fans,

This site is satire. We highlight this because look at man in the video. Look at him. Why is he so angry?

Kind regards,

Metalheads Against ManOwaR
For your safety, and ours!

The Karaeoke Tent
Camping C
Wacken Open Air 2018


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Metalheads Against ManOwaR has no connection real or imaginary with ManOwaR or Wacken Open Air.